Monday, December 06, 2010

Nobody is listening

Hello again. Sad to say Duckula has had a fruitless year this year; no new merchandise since the knickers we showed last year [at least, not that we know of], no new DVDs or anything, and no sign of those movie rumours ever being true. Let's hope 2011 bears more tomatoes.

But the main thing I want to address, and this is probably the second time I've done, is that I DO NOT TOLERATE PEOPLE STEALING MY FANART! See my leniency is wearing thin. In the past month or so I've seen 5 bootleg items on eBay all using the same picture from the first ever post here, as well as about 4-5 people doing copies of it and claiming as their own, the oldest of such people being 31! Way to make a first impression you guys.

It's getting ridiculous. If people knew just how much this sort of thing actually puts me off drawing full stop, barring what I have to do at work, maybe they would think twice and just be original with the art. It just gets stale copying the same picture over and over, with each of them being less cop each time.

If you are directed to this blog via Google images, read this before you try to impress DeviantART with such plagiarism.

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