Monday, October 27, 2008

Complete Collection comes out today

Count Duckula: The Complete Collection is out today. And apparently, there's an alternative cover using a screenshot from an early episode [disregard that, it's the inside XD], which holds four limited edition art cards. Sounds really nice, but is it really worth swapping my series sets for this?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drawn back to life

Ever wished Duckula could be in a proper game?

Well with THQ's Drawn To Life, you can just about draw him in there. I stumbled across this game and the SpongeBob edition very recently, and it's basically a game that lets you create your own characters, weapons and the like, akin to Second Life. Of course, my current one here may need some work, but despite the limited drawing tools and colour selections, it was quite fun. And this certainly beats both Count Duckula and Count Duckula II on the old computer systems, which we all know are very ass.

And what's more, no blood or ketchup required!

Monday, October 06, 2008

A decision

I'm still having serious trouble gaining full access to the FTP of the Duckyboos site. I've tried various ways of viewing the contents of the FTP, and adding and otherwise modifying the files, but I still had the same errors. This has gone too long enough, so we have no choice but to perhaps phone them, and really push it.

However, it hurts me to say, that once the server actually works for me again, I will have to shut down Duckyboos for a while. It was easy to use this at first, but now I think it's about time I broke free from NTLWorld/Virgin's webspace. We'll then have to find somewhere to host it, mostly likely at a [hopefully affordable] price, and then it'll be online again, hopefully without such problems. But then, we also have some financial problems as well [we being my family], in fact, from what I've overheard, my parents had to shut down their bank account. So we're quite fucked at that one.

The Guestbook, Forum and Gallery will still be online though, because they are hosted externally, but the main site will be dormant at that time. I'll be writing up new pages and sprucing up the existing ones as needed.

I'm really dissatisfied with NTL's webspace service as a whole. Never mind the fact that you only get 55MB space for a start, Virgin doesn't provide an online site builder which I pretty would much needed, but they only have that for BlueYonder customers, whereas Virgin customers have to settle with FTP, and we all know now how much they cocked that up. After all, it was originally a mirror for when the original Fateback host somehow started failing to be viewed in certain countries, not that is was any good anyway but still.

Be prepared.