Thursday, May 04, 2006

May the 4th be with you!

I've been waiting to make a title based on the quote from 'The Vampire Strikes Back'.

Now, this here is the post with all the best Count Duckula links. This is because Blogspot wouldn't let me have more than eight links in the sidebar. I know what it is now, I'm not aligning my HTML properly! All this Blogger code is rather mind boggling if you as me!


  • Duckula Online - A big fansite containing scans, photos and a lot of information...only that it's in German. Contains interviews with the German voice actors, info about what channels the German versions are on, and of a lot of merchandise!
  • Cosgrove Hall Ate My Brain - Although this site is about Cosgrove Hall's productions altogether, this site has some great info about Count Duckula, in fact, some that I never knew before I first checked it out. If you look around outside this part of the site, you'll find concept art and even pictures from a Cosgrove Hall exhibition!
  • Graf Duckula - Also in German, not as big as Duckula online, but has a few small scans that are not present there. It also has a 'shop' which apparently sells a few episodes from the German version on VHS.
  • Castle Duckula - This site is under construction and has been for a while. Nice layout though, and there is an accompaining Livejournal to go along.
  • Count Duckula DeviantART club - A 'club' that was set up by a fellow Duckula fan on the artists' community site DeviantART. Contains two fanarts and a fan fiction at the moment, needs more members.
  • Sailor Comet's Sound Vault - Contains a number of WAV sound files, mostly quotes and themes.
  • Livejournal community - This I made myself [I'm Robocoddess], will need more frequent posting and members!
  • Duckula's Corner - Moved to a new host. Still underconstruction but getting better ;)
  • 14/JUN/2007: Crazy About Count Duckula - Another blog that has apparently just started out. This one makes use of the new Videoroll thing Blogspot put on.
Information sites
  • Toonhound - If you want the best info on British animation, then look no further than Toonhound! May be a bit simple, but still good info...
  • Duckula DVD - Some info on the first season DVD, as well as downloadable wallpapers and a Flash game!
  • IMDB - Contains some info on the voices, episodes and has user opinions.
  • Wikipedia - Wikipedia article.
  • Jedi's Paradise [unavailable to me right now] - General information, but with a checklist to see how many episodes you have.
  • Episode Guide - exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Duckula on - Once again this is in German, but has a nice episode guide with nice screenshots, and contains a short video from 'Vampire Vacation' in German [damn it's rather freaky]. KIKA seems to be a German childrens' channel.
Company sites
  • Cosgrove Hall Films - The site itself is under construction apart from news and links, but the Count Duckula page is still accessable if you click here.
  • Capital Entertainment - The ones who released the first season on DVD
  • Amazon [USA] - Sells the First Season DVD
  • Amazon [UK] - Sells the Vampire Vacation release as well as [though limited] a number of VHSs and books.
  • eBay - A WIDE variety of stuff - mostly second hand, but be careful!

More links will be available as soon as I find, or am shown them.

Monday, May 01, 2006

"You were tremendous, Tremendous!"

Also thanks to Shychick for letting me know about this.

"Ok, good news... I hope, unless they decide to cancel it for whatever reason in the near future. I got word from Scott of Capital Entertainment- that last guy I emailed, who was more specific in his reply to my inqury. I got an email from him tonight- short and sweet, but still very encouraging:

"I've gotten word from First Look Studios, who now owns Capital
Entertainment, that they still plan on putting out the remaining seasons
of Count Duckula on DVD."

Scott Mayle
Online Coordinator
Capital Entertainment Enterprises

So, for now it looks like they are still planning on releasing the rest of the series after all. Let's still keep our fingers crossed, just in case, because I have learned not to have *too* much faith in people over the years."

You know what I say to that? TREMENDOUS! I'll be keeping my fingers crosses as well, because I just have this great faith that the other seasons will be on DVD, over time.