Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"I'm more famous than all of you!"

[Extremely sorry for the low quality here!]

On the 7th November, or this Tuesday evening, to be precise, there was a documentary on ITV Granada where they take a look at how Cosgrove Hall, those very people behind Count Duckula, came to be one of the most well known animation studios in the UK. However, ITV Granada is a regional version of ITV [one of our main channels here], and is only shown in the North-West of England.

Most thankfully though, I happened to have a friend who lives in Liverpool, and was able to capture the programme from ITV Grandada on his PC. I've only got the first part so far, as transfering the 230MB DivX file with MSN Messenger was a pain in the arse. But the wait was so worth it!

The first part of the documentary covered the earlier works of Cosgrove Hall, such as Chorlton and the Wheelies, Jamie and the Magic Torch, and Dangermouse. I expect Duckula will be featured in the second part which I should get from my friend tomorrow.

Well, I got the second part of Cartoon Kings just now, and well, very good. This part does cover Duckula, but also the more recent of Cosgrove Hall's work. However, I don't think 30 minutes is enough for such a prolific animation studio. Maybe perhaps an hour would do nicely. But anyways, it was worth documenting, because ever since I read about in a Wikipedia article, I always wanted to hear David Jason do all the voices of Duckyboos and ol' DM!

Many thanks go out to Psyke for taking the time to record it for me.

Meanwhile, today I had a muck around with Fimo clay...

Heh, I suck.

Small edit: I just found out that Toonhound's linked to my blog! LOL!