Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sid Quack

"I'm a-workin' out here on Maggots Farm
I'm workin' out here on Maggots Farm
I wish that I had lots of dough
And a brand new suit of clothes
And the finest food that I could eat
And never have to eat Granny Reekie's soup
I'm a-livin' out here on Maggots Farm
Instead of a mansion on a hill
Oh Maggots Farm is makin' me ill!"

For once, I'd thought I'd have a crack at drawing one of Duckula's two doppelgängers, Sid Quack, from the series 2 episode "The Count and the Pauper." Man, if there could be a Wario in the Count Duckula universe, this guy would be that. Even if they did look exactly the same - I supposed that would be understandable because in real life, all male mallards look the same, what with either green heads and that, there's no way to tell them apart. Still, they could have done with different hairstyles.

Despite the episode being nothing more than a parody of the Prince and the Pauper, I thought it was a great one, because I think the songs the two ducks sing at various points just make it. Mr Jason did a great northern farmer accent for Sid too. What was also funny was that Nanny and Igor had doppelgängers too, really nasty ones on that.

I won't be posting much more Duckula fanart on my DeviantART, unless it's extremely epic and well done. Fanart of anything seems to either like sweets are to kids, or frowned upon by miserable bastards who get too upset that any fanart ends up on the front page there. I've also been in a slump these days, but things seem to be picking up again.

"I'm living out here on Maggots Farm
This country life has lost its charm
I want my castle on the hill
Maggots Farm is a-makin' me ill!
I miss old Nanny and old Igor
Stink and Reekie are becoming a bore
I want some decent food and some decent clothes
And not old Reekie's soup and bones
I'm workin' out here on Maggots Farm
I'm workin' out here on Maggots Farm
I'm workin' out here on Maggots Farm..."

This post is in memory of my little budgie, who died a few hours ago today.
RIP Percy, c.1995-2008.