Thursday, September 06, 2007

Count Duckula: The Complete Series 3

Got hold of my copy yesterday. Same price, same store, you get the drill.

Again, there are no extras on this DVD, and the menu is exactly the same as those in the previous DVD set but coloured blue, but there's a twist - despite the name of the DVD, which is "the Complete Third series", the last seven episodes of the series, known widely as 'season 4', are included as well! So now the whole series is available on DVD in the UK, result!

Also for some weird reason, the inlay displays the episode "A Christmas Quacker" as episode 62 [the 4th from last one on the second disc]. So now we have a new mystery - is this the real episode order, or has either Fremantle, CITV or even the Internet got it mixed up? Who knows...

Either way, I enjoyed the episodes I haven't seen [I really liked it when the Crow Brothers were being upside-down 'mushrooms' in "The Show Must Go On", and I remember parts of "Prince Duckula" being used in an old advert for the cartoon they used to show on Nickelodeon back in 1995/1996.], and the fact that it's all there is all that really matters.