Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two newbies

Finally, two new additions to my little inanimate birdy family have arrived. Unfortunately they didn't come with the tags, as these were second hand, so I still cannot identify the manufacturers. However, both dolls seem to use about the same materials as the other small plush I bought the other month. In fact they are about the same size, I'm guessing that the old one is a prototype of a sort, because there are a load of improvements in the Duckula one below.

The Nanny one, as I said before, I never seen or owned before, but they done her arm the wrong way round, and that's something I can't fix this time. My one is a lot smaller than I thought she was going to be though, loads of sources say she's 13 inches...maybe I ought to measure them up when I can find my inches ruler.

Even though I have them now, and at a good price for the both of them too; I still need some big info about when they were made and who actually made them. If anyone's got these with the tags still there, please read them and then drop me a line with whatever info is on them. It's quite important.