Friday, October 13, 2006

How bloody confusing...

Just a few days ago I was in sky high spirits, because I was looking around in Wikipedia and found this on the Count Duckula article:

Airing History [United Kingdom]:

  • ITV1
  • The Children's Channel
  • Nickelodeon
  • Sky One
  • Boomerang [TBA]
That shot me up so high I couldn't sleep that night. The cartoon was last seen on UK TV on Sky One in 1996, so to me it was a miracle. I didn't like Boomerang for the sole fact that they dedicated an entire six weeks of summer to Scooby Doo cartoons, which I really can't stand, but I started to like the channel when they started showing another classic, The Raccoons recently.

However, today I got really mixed up. Count Duckula seemed to have disappeared from a list of cartoons that were supposed to be airing soon on Boomerang UK, and it had me really pissed off, because later on I found that the cartoon is definately on air in Central and Eastern Europe. I also found a copy of the cartoon introduction which had been recorded in the Netherlands, with Dutch subtitles and the Boomerang logo, as you can see below.

What's more, I've been looking up the schedules for all the areas they have this channel, and I found that in the east and central European versions of the channel there's going to be a Duckula marathon on the 29th October. This schedule is in ENGLISH for crying out loud!

I wasn't too sure anyway, so the other day I sent Turner Media an email making an inquiry about the cartoon being aired. No word yet, sadly. Perhaps I should write to Ofcom? After all, if they could do so much for that one person who complained about smoking in Tom & Jerry cartoons, they could change something for one Count Duckula fan?

However, all I can do is keep on hoping, rather than venting my spleen over Scooby Doo. Boomerang pops their cartoons in very, VERY randomly, as do most of our other channels here. Until then, I'll carry on searching for VHS of beyond-season-one episodes, or downloads of episodes I haven't got.