Friday, November 18, 2011

RIP Mark Hall

First the former animation studio itself, now this; Mark Hall, who co-founded the British animation studio that brought Count Duckula [along with Dangermouse, Wind in the Willows among many] to our world, has passed away last night at the age of 74, after battling with short term illness. He along with Brian Cosgrove were one of the most prolific animation duos in the history of British animation, and even now as I hear that they have recently reformed as Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick, [so it seems] were still going strong.

As part of the Duckula fanbase, I won't forget how awesome Brian and Mark had made it, as well as how gracefully they crafted their other shows [especially Wind in the Willows, man], and I don't look forward to telling this to my mother since she has always said to me how much she enjoyed them all as well.

RIP Mark, say hi to Jack May [the late voice of Igor] for us.