Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Duckula plushes?

Look what I got in the mail today.

[Apologies for the crap photography, my camera's not as good now since my sister dropped it.]

I recently picked this up from a UK-only charity listing at eBay, and I can tell you now that I've never seen this plush ever. So I decided to get it, despite the fact that it has a tacky design once again [his cape was the wrong side up!]. In the photo it seemed quite a big one, but it's a lot smaller than I thought. In fact, it's about the size of a plush doll that is typically found in seaside crane machines, so I have a feeling that these are new products, and despite not having any labels on it, I think these are made by something along the lines of PMS, a company that distributes soft toys and the like to crane machines. It's definitely not fan-made, that's for sure.

This plush came from Shoeburyness, which is actually near where my older sister lives. Now and again we go out to Southend, and the last time I went there, some of the crane machines were filled with Dangermouse plushes. I'm sure that there's got to be more than one of the one I got today, so the next time I go to Southend I shall keep a lookout. My sister also booked a holiday to Great Yarmouth next month, so I'll ask her to lookout as well if they're not in Southend.

This has certainly given me hope for perhaps a new set of Duckula merchandise for 2008. In the past few years there have been new Dangermouse products to celebrate the likes of his 20th and 25th anniversaries, while Duckula has a 20th anniversary this year. It'd be totally unfair otherwise.

My bigger plush has a friend of his kind now. He's been surrounded by SpongeBob the whole time.