Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weird bumper featuring the Clock Bats

For some time, Count Duckula was airing on Boomerang in certain European countries. What I've just found here is what I think is a channel bumper [used to promote the cartoon I suppose] from Poland which, for some reason, features Dmitri and Sviatoslav, the two mechanical clock bats that popped out once in a while every other episode to share a dangerously cheesy joke between each other.

Going by "Bat Chat", it's awfully weird, especially with Dmitri having a higher voice. But what's even more bizarre is how they are actually "flying" through places around the world...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We're now on Twitter

If even now you don't know what Twitter is, allow me to fill you in.

Twitter is a nifty little social website where you type in a little sentence or two on what's going on with yourself, and you can follow what others are up to as well. I've used the site personally for over a year and I realise now how much better it is to have this than it is to have a Myspace and a Facebook.

And today, I've opened a new Twitter to represent the Duckyboos project, and you're all invited to follow us there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Building up a comics guide

Hi everyone.

I figured that it's about time I started work on all the Duckula comics, and it's looking good so far. However, I have a request from those that have all of the Marvel comics in particular - can anyone here provide a full list of all of the story titles, and perhaps a brief summary of each one? I only have about three English issues, so I think I'm going to need help with this guide.

It would also be really cool if I could have some help compiling a guide on the stories in the other comics series as well, such as those in the Celebrity comics. I have nearly ten of these, and about 5 SOR comics at the moment. I feel that in the end, this would be as valuable as the episode guide I currently have.


Site update: I'm still getting the 550 permissions error. God what is wrong with Virgin/NTLworld?