Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Arctic Circles

The things I do for cartoons eh?

So yeah, this morning we woke up to a rather fine blanket of snow, which is gone now. To savour the moment, and to take some time offline while my mother was away, I decided to take my camera and take a few shots in the park. Sadly though, by the time I really wanted to take a shot of a bit of snow that had absolutely no footprints, the camera battery went flat.

Hoping to pass time getting a little battery energy back, I decided to build a Snow Duckula. Using just my frozen hands and my front door key, I tried to make it look as much like Duckula as I could, until I realised that my camera wasn't going to start working again. So I had to take the snow model home.

Obviously I had to go inside for a little while to warm up, because I couldn't feel anything afterwards. I then went back outside to take photos of the model when I realised that I forgot to take my key! I could climb over the back gate, but it seemed way too dangerous, so my only choice was to grab some bricks and step on them to open the gate and get back inside through the back.

Then I went back out again to take the shot above, with my key in hand this time. It's probably melted by now...

If it snows again I'm gonna try and make another, more accurate looking model.


I've just launched a nice new forum on the Duckyboos fansite, so we call all come in and talk about our favourite vegetarian vampire duck! Make sure to read the rules before posting! I'll be working on little things like more Duckula-ish emoticons and other little icon thingies as soon as I get my commissions done and dusted.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meet the new Guestbook! *

OK, really sorry about the sudden shutdown of the old "guestbook". It was after I actually tested it and found that I couldn't delete comments [which is rather important to control abuse]. All is not lost though, for Duckyboos has a nice new one which can be found here. If there's still anything wrong with this or any other part of Duckyboos, please let me know.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Introducing the new gallery! *

I bet it's the bit you've all be waiting for, he he... Via Livejournal I bring you the Duckyboos Gallery, already packed with more than 200 pictures! More will be on the way soon once I get round to scanning and's hard work you know ;) I just thought it'd be much easier to have used Livejournal that's all. Hope you enjoy everything the gallery has to offer!

I also digged up and added a very old fansite into the Links page, for those who want to see it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! *

Well, it's the year 2007 now, at least in the UK as I speak. The contact page and the FAQ is now up, so get cracking in with the feedback and the questions! Duckyboos would really like to hear from you!