Sunday, July 23, 2006

New DVD Releases

Just to let everyone know that in the past month, the world has seen not one, but two new Count Duckula releases on DVD.

In Germany there is now a seven disc box set with 52 episodes [However, contrary to what it says on the box, it's actually not complete, as it's missing the last 13 episodes], which must be excellent news for German fans! However there are no special features from what I've gathered, and the picture quality doesn't seem to be as good as the US release...

And in the United Kindgom, the first season has been released over here at last. From what I've seen it has the same special features as the US release, and has a totally different cover art, which I personally find better than the US one. I saw them being on sale in Virgin Megastores the other day at the price of £15.99, which is much worth it. I wonder what the menu graphics will look like in this version - as I said in a much earlier post, those in the US version were terrible.