Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Guestbook of a sort *

Yep, thanks to the powers of Blogspot we now have some sort of a "guestbook". It might not seem like much but it's the best way I think for you to have your say on Duckyboos until I'm smart enough to build a proper guestbook. Whether you just want us to know what you think of the site or maybe a few suggestions, it's right there, but please read the rules carefully before posting.

I've also put the second season episode guide online [no pretty screenshots at the moment I'm afraid], and managed to fix a few bugs that were driving me insane! There's probably a few more that might drive me potty as I do more work.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Quacker

Count Duckula wishes you all a very merry Christmas!

And as a bonus, Duckyboos is now back online! There's still some things to fix and build as I've been working very hard, but I hope you all enjoy the new layout!

Internet Explorer users, please be aware that the shortened menuhead is a known issue that I might not be able to fix. If there's anything majorly wrong, please tell me!

No more Splash page *

Been a while since I last updated the site, and yes, sorry for the shutdown. I decided to get rid of the splash page [aka Enter] because I felt that it was getting in the way of actually entering the site. I also got rid of the previous news for good because to me it sounded rather hyper and rushed...if you catch my drift! XD!

But man, have I been busy or what? I've been pimping up the likes of the header, the side menu and some pages, although most other pages are still under construction. Stay tuned is all I can say

We also wish with a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

[UK] Season 2 is coming!

It looks like us lucky Brits will see the second season of Count Duckula on DVD on the 19th February 2007, as it apparently says on UK-based shopping site I believe this might be the doing of FremantleMedia, who already released the British version of the first season release back in July. Nothing like special features are announced at the moment, neither there is an image of the set. All I can do for the moment is just wait for things to develop, but my spirits are high this time because whatever Play places in its Coming Soon area is very likely to be coming soon.

I can't wait! :}

Update 29/DEC/2006: Uh oh...the release date's been pushed to the 26th March 2007 now. Cheeky little...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sacre bleu!

I found Count Duckula's theme in French! But all I can say is...very weird, especially the way the song is sung... Duckula's voice en frencais ain't too bad, but still.

There's also this video. Check out the alternative logos!

And also a VHS cover. I've love to see a full episode in French, since that and Spanish are the only languages I ever had the chance to learn back in school. It kind of chills me whenever I hear or read French that I could understand some of it!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mexican/Spanish DVD Releases...?

It's come to my attention that apparently the Count Duckula First Season is now available in Spanish!

I was looking around on eBay when I first of all found this in the Buy It Now section. I wasn't too sure if this one was official even though it says in the listing that they "don't sell bootlegs, copies or anything illegal". It looks like a nice cover though, much better than the British versions. I then looked for "conde patula dvd" in Google for a bigger version of that cover, and I ended up finding two links to what looks like the first season:

ZonaDVD and MixUp Music Store, which both seem to be Mexican, so the DVD is in Region 4.

Well I must say, these are REALLY nice renditions of that one picture of Duckula they use on every release. I don't speak much Spanish, but even if I did I still wouldn't be able to tell which one's a mock-up or which one's commercial. If anyone out there in South America has bought this DVD, I'd be VERY obliged if you guys can help me out.

What I can make out of this Spanish is that apparently the release has a photo gallery, 30 episodes [as opposed to the usual 26 on the American and British releases], tracks in both Spanish AND English, interactive menu, episode selection and a total of 600 minutes. But that doesn't make sense! If the English version is 675 minutes and has 26 episode, how can the Latin American one have 600 mins and 30 episodes?

I'll be really grateful if anyone who's bought the DVD can send me in some scans or something.

I hate being unsure of things like this...