Saturday, March 31, 2007

Count Duckula: The Complete Series 2

I bought my copy of said DVD today. It costed me £18 from HMV, which I wasn't too happy about paying, but I had no other choice since I currently can't order online without Paypal. It contains two discs that are compacted into one DVD case, as you'll see below.

This picture shows that the inside of the case lists all the episode titles, but unlike the first series boxset, it doesn't give a brief synopsis of each episode.

Heh, the first disk caught a reflection of my computer's desktop and my VHS collection.

Thankfully there aren't any horrificly drawn menu graphics within, but they're not too impressive to begin with apart from the moon effect. It plays the ending theme too, rather than the completely irrelevant cheesy music that was heard in the USA first season release. This also doesn't give each episode a synopsis, and they shouldn't really have a page that just says "Subtitles: On/Off".

Very unfortunately, there are NO special features on this DVD. It's a massive letdown, because they could have easily squeeze up to about half hours worth of things like interviews, especially when they managed to fit the last episode on the second disc.

However, I do think it's great that seven episodes that never seemed to have been released on an English VHS before are finally available - I love The Count and the Pauper so far. And most importantly we have all the episodes in there for us all to watch, no episodes missing or anything. I've also noticed that it is a Region 0 DVD, so anyone outside Region 2 countries might be able to get their copies after all!

Monday, March 26, 2007

It's finally here!

The clock just turned midnight here, and Count Duckula: The Complete Second Series, is now officially available on DVD!

Where to buy

You can either buy the DVD online at the following websites:

And perhaps eBay stores. I'm gonna look into that tomorrow.

If you prefer to buy it in a store, it's likely to be found in all good DVD retailers, especially HMV and Virgin Megastores [although they're usually just an inch slower at stocking new releases than Internet stores]. The DVD will averagely price at £11.99 online, although it might be a few quid dearer if bought in a store, usually at about £15.99. Also take note that this is a Region 2 DVD, so please check if you can run such DVDs if you happen to live outside the UK and Ireland.

I want my copy now! *pout*

Monday, March 05, 2007

Just a small update today *

Just to let everyone know, that I've finally got a new page up, that page being the Special Thanks & Credits page. Just something to show my gratitude to all of you guys who've shown their support for Duckyboos, all good sites have them.

My good buddy Kroc has also helped me fix some bugs that had mostly affected Internet Explorer 7 users, and clean away some scrap coding. It's all so mind-boggling for me, no wonder I made so many mistakes!