Monday, April 26, 2010

Recent additions to my collection

I've been meaning to make another merchandise post for quite a while, though this time we'll be looking at some stuff that was around since back in the 80s.

First we have a bag I picked up back in February which I think must have been designed for kids to take to school, considering how quite small it is. I could probably only fit A5 sketchbooks in it, I tried bigger things before but thankfully I have other bags for when I'm travelling around Essex. It's still a cute bag though, and funny enough I ended up bidding on two because the seller on eBay had 3 brand new ones, one of which I got outbid on.

A couple of weeks ago I had my 23rd birthday, and I was really surprised to unwrap these beauties, all of which were given to me by my boyfriend!

The talking Duckula plushie! Even though he sounds like he has a sore throat, I've always wanted to see one of those for real.

When I first saw photos of this one years ago I thought it was... well. But only when I actually opened up to it I found something quite interesting about it - this is German! As far as I knew, some Duckula toys were made in Germany by Bullyland, which were also responsible for the little Disney figurines I always used to pick up from the Disney store back in the 90's, so it's good to know that they made plush dolls as well. This even has the Duckula logo on the back of his cape.

Finally we have one of the figurines from the Rainbow toys era [by the way, I recently found that this was a UK division of LJN toys, which I believe used to specialise in character toys, but also got picked on by the Nerd a lot, LOL], this one being the one with the clippy hands at the back. Always wanted one of these.

See ya later, I'm off on another hunt!

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