Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Some very bad news :(

As I've already stated in the Duckyboos forums, I've experienced a serious problem updating the main site via FTP, due to an error that is most likely caused by the webspace itself. I can log into the account and see everything just fine, but when I try to upload any file to it, I receive an error saying "550: permission denied", meaning that somehow I don't have permission to do so. The same thing occured on my old computer, and I tried several other FTP programs as well as FireFTP which I use most, so it's most likely Virgin Media's doing, probably since I got this laptop.

Virgin's customer service is terrible. Some time ago we had to phone them to ask why our connection stopped working, and it took my poor mother 11 minutes to get through. I definitely won't try to contact this was, and emailing them is out of the question as well, so my only choice is to snail mail them once I get hold of the account number.

This really pissed me off last night, as I needed to make some updates mainly in celebration of the 20th anniversary Count Duckula's first broadcast.

Someday I'll break away from the iron chain that is NTLworld. :(


Solar Granulation said...

I feel your pain, I too have had issues with my old NTLWorld webspace. It was for that reason that I built my own server, have you considered it?

Stacey Wheeler said...

@Solar: As much as I'd like to get my own server I'm not sure if I should. Not sure how much it'd cost to get it online, and I may be moving in the next couple years [not guaranteed though], so for the moment I may buy webspace.

Thanks for your input.