Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Count Duckula: The Complete Collection

Source: Play.com.

So while I looked at Play.com to see if there was any sign of Victor and Hugo coming to DVD yet, I came across this instead.

Count Duckula: The Complete Collection

This may not be like me but I'm actually disappointed to see this, mainly because I had already bought the series sets over the past 2 years, the latter two costing me nearly £20 a pop for the sake of getting them quickly. Availability is a major factor in my town and if only one place has it, you have to pay how much the ticket says. On top of that, the cover design is terrible! Even worse than the previous ones. How lower can they sink by making a shitty trace of the LOGO?

Now for the specs. It's going to be a 7 disc set that's most likely to be Region 2, will cost £34.99 at RRP, and will be out on the 13th October. Neither Play or Amazon say whether or not it'll have special features, and by the looks of things I don't think there will. We'll see.

I'm really not sure if I want to swap the DVDs I already have for this. The only true reason in favour is region compatibility - my first series set is the American one and I can only play it on my laptop or in the DVD player in my parents bedroom or downstairs. Can't play it on my PS2 or anywhere that has a small PAL telly. But it seems pointless really because I had already spent about £55 on my sets in total.

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The GagaMan(n) said...

My copy of this arrived today, started selling my separate copies of Season 1 and 2 so they will be going towards it. The inside packaging is actually quite nice, with lots of big artwork taken from what looks like direct screens of the cartoon rather than stock art, and the webs on it are glow in the dark.

Haha, when i searched for this box set on google this blog post was the first thing that showed up.