Monday, September 04, 2006

Duckyboos is here!

7/SEP/2006: Really sorry guys, but I had to take most of the pages down...there's this damn table bug that I can't seem to fix and it's doing my head in!

I'll let you know when it's up and running again.

I'm very happy to announce that my Count Duckula fansite, which shares the name of this blog, is online!

There's not a lot going on here, but it'll build up in time. Many, many thanks to Kroc for helping me out!


Count Duckula Stacy V. said...

dear stacey, I'm so exicted that you made a fansite for count duckula I thought for a suggestion that for downloads could you post count duckula episodes so that way I had them please because I been working so hard to download them on lime wire and they still keep canceling them so please could you do that because i'm having a hard time making friends and the he's the only one I can look up to even if he is a cartoon if you don't I understand you don't have to it was just a thought for the fansite so please uplode your episodes so I can had them please becuase like I said I had painful experiences when I was young from being a target at my school of bullying and in my neighborhood so I thought that maybe you could cheer me up by downloadin episodes but now it's hard to look for a friend so please?:(

Stacey W. said...

Hi there Stacy,

I don't think I can upload episodes for download on my site - for one, Fateback only lets you upload 200kb files for free; and I already got in trouble with Youtube for uploading them there [they took some off see, but a few still remain on my Youtube account which is here -]. What I can do is send them to you personally, if you give me your email address, using Yousendit.

Yeah, Limewire can be total crap when downloading cartoons sometimes. I could only get one Duckula episode from there.

Lastly, I'm really sorry that you've been bullied, I've had the same thing happen to me throughout my yonger days, and even now I have trouble making friends to IRL T_T

Glad to hear you like my fansite :D Take care

Kroc Camen said...

You're free to link to Torrents though, as you are not hosting the files yourself.

Stacey W. said...

Kroc: D'oh! I totally forgot! ><
Stacy V: Here's a torrent with more than 50 episodes :3 I'd rather we talk about the rest of this in private, so could you email me if you can?

Count Duckula Stacy V. said...

sure, i'm just having a hardtime with your e-mail address please give me one that's all