Sunday, September 03, 2006

Count Duckula in Other Languages

Thought I'd like to make a post about what Duckula sounds like in other languages.

In Spanish [Conde Patula]

We also have an episode in Spanish too.

Over at Duckula Online you can download the theme in German [Graf Duckula]

There was also an Italian theme on Youtube which was totally different. I would share this, but it sadly got flagged months ago. In Italy he is known as 'Conte Dacula'

Do you have an opening theme in a language other than those shown here? If so, I'd love to hear from you!

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Nightcrawler said...

Here's the Swedish Opening:

Here's some information about the Swedish dub of Count Duckula:

Swedish voices:

Andreas Nilsson - Count Duckula, Dr. Potson
Gunnar Ernblad - Igor, Narrator, Don Diego
Hasse Jonsson - Nanny, von Goosewing, Pierre
Steve Kratz - Towser, Hawkeye Soames, Gaston

There were also several actors that did not appear in the credits at all and some of them includes Lena Ericsson, Lasse Svensson (who were also the voice director), Per Sandborgh and Louise Raeder.

The dub was made by a dub studio named Media Dubb.

The Swedish lyrics were written by Andreas Nilsson and Gunnar Ernblad. Both the Opening and Ending songs were performed by Andreas Nilsson. Gunnar Ernblad did also the translation of dialogue.

Count Duckula began airing on a Swedish channel named TV3 around 1989-90 and five video tapes were released by Arena Film in the early 90's.