Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Building up a comics guide

Hi everyone.

I figured that it's about time I started work on all the Duckula comics, and it's looking good so far. However, I have a request from those that have all of the Marvel comics in particular - can anyone here provide a full list of all of the story titles, and perhaps a brief summary of each one? I only have about three English issues, so I think I'm going to need help with this guide.

It would also be really cool if I could have some help compiling a guide on the stories in the other comics series as well, such as those in the Celebrity comics. I have nearly ten of these, and about 5 SOR comics at the moment. I feel that in the end, this would be as valuable as the episode guide I currently have.


Site update: I'm still getting the 550 permissions error. God what is wrong with Virgin/NTLworld?


Massimo said...

Use and look under "Duckula"
Hope this helps. You can also help me complete that list. Many Duckula items are missing
Massimo Introvigne

Stacey Wheeler said...

@Massimo: wow that's awesome, it even lists the annual comics, thanks a lot!

And sure I'll help you out, in fact I've got a few more Celeb ones on the way and fingers crossed I'll end up with some more.