Monday, March 26, 2007

It's finally here!

The clock just turned midnight here, and Count Duckula: The Complete Second Series, is now officially available on DVD!

Where to buy

You can either buy the DVD online at the following websites:

And perhaps eBay stores. I'm gonna look into that tomorrow.

If you prefer to buy it in a store, it's likely to be found in all good DVD retailers, especially HMV and Virgin Megastores [although they're usually just an inch slower at stocking new releases than Internet stores]. The DVD will averagely price at £11.99 online, although it might be a few quid dearer if bought in a store, usually at about £15.99. Also take note that this is a Region 2 DVD, so please check if you can run such DVDs if you happen to live outside the UK and Ireland.

I want my copy now! *pout*

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