Monday, December 04, 2006

Mexican/Spanish DVD Releases...?

It's come to my attention that apparently the Count Duckula First Season is now available in Spanish!

I was looking around on eBay when I first of all found this in the Buy It Now section. I wasn't too sure if this one was official even though it says in the listing that they "don't sell bootlegs, copies or anything illegal". It looks like a nice cover though, much better than the British versions. I then looked for "conde patula dvd" in Google for a bigger version of that cover, and I ended up finding two links to what looks like the first season:

ZonaDVD and MixUp Music Store, which both seem to be Mexican, so the DVD is in Region 4.

Well I must say, these are REALLY nice renditions of that one picture of Duckula they use on every release. I don't speak much Spanish, but even if I did I still wouldn't be able to tell which one's a mock-up or which one's commercial. If anyone out there in South America has bought this DVD, I'd be VERY obliged if you guys can help me out.

What I can make out of this Spanish is that apparently the release has a photo gallery, 30 episodes [as opposed to the usual 26 on the American and British releases], tracks in both Spanish AND English, interactive menu, episode selection and a total of 600 minutes. But that doesn't make sense! If the English version is 675 minutes and has 26 episode, how can the Latin American one have 600 mins and 30 episodes?

I'll be really grateful if anyone who's bought the DVD can send me in some scans or something.

I hate being unsure of things like this...

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Licho said...

Hi, I'm mexican and I'm a big fan of Patolin (that's the equivalent of duckyboos in spanish)

I just bought the DVD collection Region 4 yesterday (Jan 16th) but i don't have them at hand right now. Maybe when I get home can answer your questions referring to the Region 4.

The only I can say is that it has English and (Mexican) Spanish audio options available. And has no subtitle option.