Monday, May 01, 2006

"You were tremendous, Tremendous!"

Also thanks to Shychick for letting me know about this.

"Ok, good news... I hope, unless they decide to cancel it for whatever reason in the near future. I got word from Scott of Capital Entertainment- that last guy I emailed, who was more specific in his reply to my inqury. I got an email from him tonight- short and sweet, but still very encouraging:

"I've gotten word from First Look Studios, who now owns Capital
Entertainment, that they still plan on putting out the remaining seasons
of Count Duckula on DVD."

Scott Mayle
Online Coordinator
Capital Entertainment Enterprises

So, for now it looks like they are still planning on releasing the rest of the series after all. Let's still keep our fingers crossed, just in case, because I have learned not to have *too* much faith in people over the years."

You know what I say to that? TREMENDOUS! I'll be keeping my fingers crosses as well, because I just have this great faith that the other seasons will be on DVD, over time.

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